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Canada has always been an alluring choice for international conventions and corporate meetings. A safe, affordable, and innovative choice for conferences across a variety of knowledge sectors, we leverage Canada's economic strengths to provide decision-makers and meeting planners important context and access to Canadian innovators and a knowledge base that can augment their conference content. By connecting with industry, thought-leaders and academia, conference organizers can conduct content-related site inspections, coordinate B-to-B exchanges, and gain access to subject matter experts to recruit new talent, grow their industry membership, exchange best practices, and to meet with purpose in Canada.


Our intellectual capital and collaboration between industry,  educational institutions and government positions Canada as a global leader in research and innovation across industries:

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Top 10 Reasons to Meet in Canada

leadership#1      Leadership across industries such as Life Sciences, Information & Communication Technology, Agriculture, Aerospace, CleanTech, Natural Resources and Advanced Manufacturing not only make Canada a competitor on the world stage, but an innovation leader.


collaboration#2     Purposeful collaboration is a hallmark of Canadian culture. The strides being made in research and technological advancements are collectively reshaping the future of global business. Organizations who meet here gain access to Canadian industry and thought leadership through business-to-business exchanges, hosted innovation tours and through sharing of best practices.

education#3      Canada boasts the most highly educated workforce in the OECD countries.  460+ private and public post-secondary institutions are providing the education and skills training needed to create the workforce of the future. This talent pool means plenty of local expertise to help champion your conference, aid in membership recruitment, and provide expert guest speakers.


laboratory#4      Impressed by Canadian infrastructure, talent and ready-access to key markets, the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world conduct research, clinical trials, and manufacture their products in Canada. These local subject-matter-experts enhance your speaker schedule too.


AI#5      Academia thrives here.  Canada is home to North America’s third largest Life Sciences research hub and the world’s largest centre of excellence for Artificial Intelligence. World-class research centres in CleanTech and forward-focused centres for global food security, precision Agriculture and Advanced Manufacturing innovation centres are not only shaping the future with their research, they’re creating it. 


robotics#6     Canada is addressing a large range of complex challenges facing Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare and Agri-food manufacturing. Our expertise in Blockchain, AI, and Robotics are helping global businesses streamline manufacturing and distribution systems and improve productivity.

technology#7     The architects of the global Tech revolution live, work and conduct research here. Canada boasts the world’s highest concentration of AI start-ups, fuelled by the research being done at MILA (Montréal Institute for Learning Algorithms), Google’s Brain AI, and others. Such depth of knowledge not only helps draw internationally-renowned conferences to Canada, but it also fills our talent pipeline, and creates future opportunities for trade and investment.

cleantech#8      A member of the Paris Climate Accord, and host country of the 2019 Climate Conference, Canada is committed to protecting our robust, renewable natural resources by creating global standards for mitigating environmental impacts across industries. The breakthroughs happening here will impact billions of lives for generations to come.


handshake#9      In Canada, knowledge transfers across businesses to harness emerging technologies. Breakthroughs made in one sector have real world application across industries. When organizations meet in Canada, conference-goers gain insights into Canadian innovations during keynote presentations, technical tours, or during industry networking events. In Canada, inclusion is more than a way of doing business, it’s a way of life.

operations#10      Industry names you recognize. Attracted by Canadian research, talent and cost of doing business, multinational organizations are setting up operations in Canada, capitalizing on our country’s strengths to create future-focused businesses. Connecting conferences with industry can elevate event sponsorship.


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