Artificial Intelligence (AI) in health

AI-assisted technologies have the power to transform health care. Thanks to Canada’s globally recognized expertise in machine learning (ML), robotics and data analytics, researchers here are working to make health care more streamlined, efficient and personalized.



Edmonton, Toronto, Montréal

Global Leaders in AI:

  • Amii
  • Mila
  • Vector Institute


Success stories:

A University Health Network AI scientist in Toronto developed a platform to track changes in the genetic structure of the COVID-19 virus. Before development of the COVID-19 Genotyping Tool, analysis of the virus could take up to a week. Now, using the AI-driven platform, this analysis takes minutes.

AltaML, an Edmonton software company developing AI, and doctors associated with the Oliver Primary Care Network are working with pharmaceutical giant Boehringer Ingelheim Canada Ltd. to develop a frailty index that clinicians can use to predict chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and mental health conditions.