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Amazing Group Experiences



Take an afternoon nap in sun, laying in tall sweet grass. Sit in silence on a deserted beach. Listen to waves lap a pebbled shore. Snuggle up with a resort dog. Feel the dip and pull pleasure of paddling a canoe. Let your mind wander as far as Ursus Mountain’s peak. Morning yoga and afternoons at the spa. Smart CEOs know relaxation, play and inspiring environments help top performers stay at their peak.

The Wow Factor

Memories for the Making

Learning to let go of your devices makes room for a blissful sense of well-being

Creative solutions to your biggest challenges magically appear when you give yourself space

Childlike play, and doing nothing at all very well are the best prescription for wellness

Experts to help you plan:

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Best time to experience:

May to October

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