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Many rows of planted tree saplings for forestry

Subsector spotlight: Forestry

With nearly 10 hectares/person, Canadians enjoy more forest area per person than most other countries in the world — over 17 times the world average. A steward to 9% of the world’s forests, Canada is an environmental leader in forest management and sustainable harvesting. Canadian forestry is the second-largest softwood lumber producer in the world. An increased demand for wood products, along with the growing need for alternative energy sources — including biomass — are creating new opportunities for innovative companies in Canada’s forestry sector.

Success stories:

BIOPolynet in Fredericton developed BioNanocoil, a simple, environmentally friendly method to stabilize sand and soil, control industrial dust, and improve the performance of other industrial binders. The product is an innovative solution for sand/dune stabilization and dust controlling in mining, quarrying, forestry, construction and farming industries, as well as for the prevention of erosion by natural processes.