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Fogo Island

Strategies get set and rewarded between the wind and waves

A place out of time, but uniquely of this space. The last remaining Newfoundland out-port. At the edge of North America and the savage North Atlantic, a stylish stage rises from a craggy shore 420 million years in the making. Fogo Island Inn is a change-maker. Proof of the possible. Perched in isolation. Resilient in character. The blank canvas you need for strategic sessions. Collaboration is a way of life here, the ultimate team-builder. Those with clarity and vision recognize Fogo for what it is: a powerful shapeshifter, and a once-in-a-lifetime reward.

Ideal Group Size: 10 to 60

Fogo Island itself may be quite humble, the Inn is anything but. Here, attendees are lulled to sleep by the song of the Atlantic in 29 ultra-luxe rooms. A powerful landscape meets an even more powerful ocean outside each window, where views leave you gob-smacked. Each unique room is an individual expression of traditional Newfoundland outport design and décor featuring Fogo-crafted furnishings.

Making those who come from away feel right at home is as natural to a Fogo Islander as breathing. Shortly after arrival each group is connected to their Community Hosts – Fogo Islanders all — who share their love of this tiny island at the edge of the world with all who visit. Everyone’s welcome here.

This place is perfect for teambuilding and meetings that:

  • Want to change up their game
  • Are inspired by artistic innovation
  • Believe the strength of community determines team success
  • Require space to dream, and for deep contemplation
  • Appreciate unstructured time to sip champagne, stargaze, and quietly watch the ocean
  • Pare away exterior layers to get down to essentials
  • Seek clarity and powerful breakthroughs, even on a foggy day

You can count on:

  • Open hearts. Open minds. Fogo Island is open for business.
  • Community connections, fostered by your community hosts
  • Artistically appointed accommodations, each an individual expression of Fogo Island
  • The seasons changing by the day, but that’s what makes it magical
  • A sacred sense-of-place and pride of community
  • Heart-stopping sunsets, icebergs and whales and an abundance of colourful characters
  • Feeling utterly transformed by this place before you ever leave

Weather on Fogo Island

Spring icon


1.6°C to 11°C

35°F to 52°F

Summer icon


9.2°C to 19.2°C

49°F to 67°F

Fall icon


-2.8° to 4.8°C

27°F to 41°F

Winter icon


-10.8°C to -2°C

13° F to 28.4°F

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