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Cowboy UP! in Alberta

Cowboy UP! in Alberta, Banff and Lake Louise

Cowboy Up! In Alberta

Harness your inner cowboy; this is one party that puts the wild in wild, wild west! Celebrate Alberta’s western heritage in one of three unique venues — from the iconic roundhouses at Mount View Barbecue nestled in the shadow of the Rockies, to Brewster Dance Barns in picturesque Lake Louise, to Boundary Ranch, where you're hosted by outfitters who have guided the Rockies for over 100 years. This is your chance to suit up in your blue jeans and boots, and get down and party at an Alberta western BBQ.

Mount View BBQ Roundhouse in the shadow of the Rockies

There's no more dramatic location than the Mount View BBQ roundhouses in the shadow of the Rockies. Photo: Orange Girl Photography

dramatic ceremonial welcome

Dramatic welcome by Indigenous Peoples at Mount View BBQ. Photo: Paul Zizka

Cowboy poetry around the bonfire

Canadian cowboy hospitality is as warm as a blazing bonfire. Photo: Paul Zizka

Mounties meet and greet

Canada's famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police meet and greet guests, and provide perfect photo ops. Photo: Paul Zizka

Memories For The Making

Networking under the Northern Lights

Brainstorming around a crackling bonfire

Warmth of Canada’s western hospitality