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Dan's Diner
Photo credit: Abby Matheson/Frontiers North Adventures

Dan’s Diner - Under the Northern Lights

Dan’s Diner - Under The Northern Lights

A memorable dinner served on the Hudson Bay coast, under the Northern Lights. A chef inspired by Hudson’s Bay fur trade and ingredients from that long ago era.  A pop-up in restaurant in the most unlikeliest of places. Drink in the landscape, stories of legendary trailblazers and ingredients foraged from the land and sea - each chronicling a culinary legacy. This evening’s menu pairs history and nature with delicious cuisine and spirits.

Frontiers North Adventures

Panoramic windows and sky lights offer near unobstructed views - perfect for catching glimpses of dancing Northern Lights Photo credit: Frontiers North Adventures

culinary event

A once in a lifetime culinary event - one that few can ever replicate. Photo credit: Handcraft Creative/Frontiers North Adventures

Northern lights

Northern Lights dancing overhead Photo credit: Mike Gere/Frontiers North Adventures

Memories For The Making

Toasting the Northern Lights between courses

Arriving at dinner on a Tundra Buggy® across the frozen Churchill River

The tenacity of northern explorers offers an inspirational metaphor for your top achievers

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