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Explore a Frozen Wonderland

Discover a frozen wonderland secluded in the snow-packed, deep backcountry near Whistler, where there are no roads to lead the way. Few ever venture here, but those who do are forever changed by its raw, natural beauty. Soar by helicopter over towering forests, icy landscapes and between volcanic peaks to the southern-most ice field in British Columbia’s Coastal Mountain range. Touch down. Take a deep breath. Step inside. Feel the wonder of this place overtake you.

Icicles stretch from floor to ceiling. Broad channels, carved by glacial waters ignite your curiosity. Follow the shifting shades of blue, aqua and indigo, discover natural ice sculptures and ice floes that spark imagination. Sip sparkling wine in the glow of a cathedral-like ice chamber. Sample caviar presented on a bed of snow. Drink in your surroundings. Candlelight. Elegantly appointed tables. A private chef creating a five-course gourmet dining experience. This is no frozen dream; it’s Whistler