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Wildlife Discovery, Sonora Resort


Wildlife Discovery, Sonora Resort

Wildlife Discovery

This group experience gets your team out of the boardroom – way, way out – into the wilderness. The gold standard of inflatable boats offers a thrilling ride across the ocean when searching for BC’s big game in their natural habitat. Bald eagles in the treetops. Seals sunning themselves on the rocks. Captivating moments as some of the most dominant mammals in the world come into view. An orca fin silently slicing through the water. Grizzlies on the shore showing off impressive fishing skills. Cameras constantly at the ready. Bragging rights all but guaranteed.


Majestic grizzlies on the shore fishing for, and feasting on, spawning salmon.


Knowledgeable guides add fascinating details on the area’s natural and cultural history.


The ocean spray on your face as your boat cruises across the water.

Memories For The Making

The collective gasp as the bears, and orcas come into view.

   Cameras clicking! Comparing shots for best photo bragging rights over cocktails back at the lodge.

Surrounded by endless pristine wilderness – no better place to clear away corporate cobwebs.

Experts to help you plan:

Sonora Resorticons.external-link-icon

Capacity: 70 in a flotilla of watercraft, convening at various places

Best time to experience:

Mid-August to October