Cantrav promotes unique, In Your Own Backyard programs

“While the world paused, we developed a series of unique travel programs that allow for social distancing, short or no flights and small groups,” says Heather Pelletier, account director for Cantrav, a DMC with offices in Vancouver, Whistler, Kelowna, Banff, Montréal and Toronto. Their In Your Own Backyard experiences are geared toward Canadian customers who want to reward top performers with unique recognition events while still complying with travel, physical distancing and social gathering guidelines. 

St. Lawrence Market

“For our Canadian customers this presents an opportunity to experience their own country like they never have before,” says Pelletier whose experiences take guests off the beaten path to explore ice caves in Whistler, unwind in wild luxury on Vancouver Island, or to learn the secrets of the cirque in Montréal. 

Whistler Ice Caves

A closed border is no barrier to Cantrav’s creativity, either, says Pelletier. Cantav developed a series of destination experiences that allow groups to travel across Canada in one day - virtually - exploring Toronto through the eyes of Margaret Atwood, acclaimed Canadian author of the Handmaid’s Tale, or venturing into the untamed wilderness of Banff National Park with grizzly bear researcher and wildlife photographer Reno Sommerhalder, or sharing a virtual dinner from the Vancouver Museum of Anthropology while chatting with Indigenous artists. Each activity is paired with a meal, a custom piece of artwork, or an interactive Q&A session with the authors, artists, photographers. 

Montreal Alegria

“We have an unwavering commitment to our clients, our partners and one another,” says Cantrav President, Matt Coyne. “As logistics, experience and event experts, we are accustomed to thinking outside the box. A global pandemic just made us think a little further outside.”

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