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We’re your first point of contact in Canada

We offer inspiration, insights, introductions, bid assistance and planning tools to help you bring extraordinary events and inspiring incentives to Canada. Let us be your guides to creating unforgettable experiences.

Virginie De Visscher

Executive Director, Business Events
Phone: +1-204-802-0920

"The best thing about Canada is: the warmth and positive outlook of Canadians. But you can’t beat those places where you can suntan on the beach one week and snowshoe pristine wilderness just a few weeks later!"

Jennifer Attersall

Senior Director, Client Engagement, Business Events
Phone: +1-403-923-5972

"The warmth of the people, the multitude of different cultures, sun, snow, sand, mountains - Canada is breathtaking!"

Robert McCreight

Director of Business Events, Government and Industry Relations
Phone: +1-343-202-2042

"The best thing about Canada is the diversity of our natural landscapes from coast to coast to coast."

Mark Zanetti

Client Engagement Manager, Business Events
Phone: +1-604-355-3750

“From the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic, the landscapes reflect the experiences – diverse, beautiful, and inspiring!”

Jeffrey Fehr

Client Engagement Manager, Business Events
Phone: +1-639-525-1388

"Canada is a diverse country that truly offers something for everyone. From coast to coast, your background can be mountains, prairies or oceans. Iconic metropolises or smaller cities with an intimate vibe. Bucket list adventures or family-run experiences off the beaten path. What makes Canada unique is the people that call it home. Here you will find friendly faces and welcoming hospitality."

Rebecca Anderson

Strategic Partnerships & Events Specialist
Phone: +1-403-831-2895

"The best thing about Canada are the endless opportunities for adventure, the diverse experience you can have from coast to coast and the warmth of the people."

Angela Trunzo

Market Intelligence Analyst
Phone: +1-204-914-8692

"The best thing I’d say is the friendly people."

Yael Stein

Senior Marketing Manager, Business Events

"The best thing about Canada is our fresh air and wide open spaces to pause, play and explore."

Ekaterina Korneeva

Global Media and Public Relations Strategist

The best thing about Canada is its’ gorgeous scenery, multiculturalism, and genuinely friendly people.

Courtney Szo

Marketing Specialist

"Canada stands out for it’s mix of breathtaking landscapes, a thriving culinary scene, and warm welcoming people."

Denny Dias

Content Specialist

"Ever since I can remember, I've cherished the land and the sea, and I've been fortunate to have always lived and traveled in Canada, which offers endless variety to both."

Jenni Sheppard

Writing and Editing Specialist
Phone: +1-778-926-4482

"Spectacular landscapes, beautiful oceans, majestic wildlife, and welcoming people - all of which make me feel genuine wonder and gratitude every time I come home to Canada."

Felicia Rafael

Project Manager
Phone: +1 778-783-2821

"The beautiful nature that surrounds us, the delectable fusion of foods, and the unique exciting experiences to be found from sea to sea to sea."

Aida de la Mata


"Canada equals adventure, meaning Canada is set up to get up my adrenaline pumping. Exhilarating excursions and amazing landscapes can be found just everywhere. Traveling around Canada means experiencing many different landscapes, cultures and heritages while meeting welcoming people"

Karl Zhang

Program Coordinator, Business Events

"What I love about Canada is the breathtaking landscapes across the country as well as the shared embrace of diversity, kindness and warmth of the people. It makes you feel like home."

Anna Elizavetova

Executive Assistant
Phone: +1-604-638-8247

"The best thing about Canada is the cultural diversity and friendly people."

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