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Québec 3D Tech Leadership

Québec City’s 3D Tech Leadership a Draw for Global Business Events

Québec City is renowned around the world for its visionary 3D research and development of ahead-of-the-curve 3D technologies. Its thriving 3D sector, part of Québec City’s key industries, has placed the city on the international scene for advances in all things 3D as well as making it an appealing destination for prestigious events such as the 3D Vision Conference, held for the first time in Canada in 2019.

At the heart of this brimming innovation are Mr. Denis Laurendeau and Mr. Jean-François Lalonde, two professors at Université Laval’s Electric Engineering and Computer Engineering Department that are affiliated with the university’s Computer Vision and Systems Laboratory (CVSL) and the NSERC/Creaform Industrial Research Chair on 3D Scanning: 3-D CREATION. Both esteemed researchers spearheaded the bid for Québec City to host the prestigious international event.

“The International Conference on 3D Vision actually stems from two former conferences known as 3DIM (Digital Imaging and Modeling) and 3DPVT (Data Processing, Visualization, and Transmission),” explained Mr. Laurendeau. “The first 3DIM conference was actually held in Québec City in 2011. However, once the two conferences joined forces to become the International Conference on 3D Vision, the event was held around the world in Asia, Europe and the United States. For the 2019 edition, it was time it came back to Québec.”



With the event’s main focus being on research, the program encompassed an extensive variety of 3D research presentations including computer vision and graphics, optical sensors, signal processing, geometric modelling, representation and transmission and visualization and interaction.

As an ideal springboard for networking due to the close ties between educational institutions, researchers and businesses in 3D technologies, convening in Québec City opens your team up to a host of new connections. The city nurtures a thriving optics-photonics industry, features Canada’s largest national defence research centre—Defence Research and Development Canada’s Valcartier Research Centre— and is a world-class hub for geospatial companies, software/database integrators and designers which makes it an ideal host location for international conferences within these technology fields.

In Québec City, conference organizers will find a wealth of support from Québec City Business Destination who are more than happy to connect prospective event organizers with local industry ambassadors for exclusive tech or lab tours, to host local thought leaders as keynote presenters, and to build relationships with those local champions who can help grow sponsorship, membership and delegate attendance, making it easy for international event organizers to meet here.

“Québec City has a magical ethos for international participants,” says Jocelyn Guertin, sales manager, Québec City Convention Centre. “The event infrastructure is cutting edge. The proximity and affordability of the city’s hotels, restaurants and venues is very appealing. And the French Canadian culture is both refined and exotic. Everybody wants to go to Québec City!”