Why Québec City for Business Events

As the cradle of French civilization in North America, Québec City’s unique blend of French and English culture has a je ne sais quoi that cannot be found anywhere else on the continent. A UNESCO World Heritage treasure, (with the only walled city outside of Mexico), Québec City tops many a traveller’s bucket list, thanks in large part to its rich 400-plus year history. Adding to the allure is the city’s undeniable leadership across a wide swath of industries that is helping attract global events to Québec City.


A Growing Agribusiness Hub

Renowned as a food lover’s haven, Québec City is a pioneer in Canada’s agribusiness sector, recently launching  Mycélium, a one-of-a-kind incubator that supports research and development and commercialization of unique value-added food products.

“People are more concerned about what they eat than ever before. And with the rise of the Internet, social media and a foodie culture, people are more open to try new cuisines and types of food. Combined, these factors have galvanized Québec City’s agri-food business,” explained Mr. Jean-François Lessard, Mycélium’s coordinator. “They have also incited many entrepreneurs and visionaries to take their ideas that have been brimming for some time and bring them to fruition.”


Quebec City meeting


Laser Focused on Photonics

Québec City is a research capital and world leader in optics-photonics, known for its expertise, high concentration of researchers, and innovative business scene. Fuelling the city’s expertise are 52 companies, 19 research centres, chairs, groups and laboratories and some 3,125 employees. All that makes it a fitting place to convene the Optical Society (OSA) Laser Congress in 2020 where some 500 laser technology researchers and experts from around the world will meet.

“We chose Québec City because of its thriving optics-photonics industry and its proximity to research centres and institutes, its mix of European flair and cutting-edge technology, and the incredible value of the Canadian dollar for international travellers!” said Kimberly L. Coerr, senior meeting manager, for OSA.


Fintech, WealthTech, InsurTech

Nicknamed Canada’s “Insurance Capital,” thanks to the wealth of insurance companies headquartered here, Québec City is Canada’s second largest insurance industry hub. Home to the world’s largest credit union, Québec City is also home to The Insurance Innovation and Performance Centre, is the first of its kind in North America, bringing together professionals who assist with organizational and technological transformation projects in local, national and international markets.


Experts in Industry and Business Events

In Québec City, conference organizers will find a wealth of support from Québec City Business Destination who are more than happy to connect prospective event organizers with local industry ambassadors for exclusive tech or lab tours, to host local thought leaders as keynote presenters, and to build relationships with those local champions who can help grow sponsorship, membership and delegate attendance, making it easy for international event organizers to meet here.

“Québec City has a magical ethos for international participants,” says Jocelyn Guertin, sales manager, Québec City Convention Centre. “The event infrastructure is cutting edge. The proximity and affordability of the city’s hotels, restaurants and venues is very appealing. And the French Canadian culture is both refined and exotic. Everybody wants to go to Québec City!”