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Winnipeg for Advanced Manufacturing

How Advanced Manufacturing Leadership Attracts Conferences to Winnipeg

Canada is leveraging its homegrown ingenuity, strong commitment to research and development, and a highly educated and skilled workforce to drive the advanced manufacturing sector beyond the modern age and into the future — and Winnipeg, in central Canada, is helping to lead the way.

With the largest centre for transportation manufacturing in North America, Winnipeg boasts a stable system of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers and is also fast becoming a leader in technologies to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Home to the iconic Canadian brand, Canada Goose, the city also boasts an expanding garment manufacturing sector and is leading the way in Industry 4.0 technologies and training. Here are some other reasons why Winnipeg is considered an advanced manufacturing powerhouse:

  • 1400+ manufacturing businesses, 42,000 employees
  • North America’s largest transit bus manufacturer (New Flyer)
  • Macdon Industries - a world leader in harvesting technology
  • Price Industries - world-class innovators in the HVAC industry
  • Precision ADM A global engineering and additive manufacturing (AM) solutions provider


New Flyer Industries


Adding to the city’s industrial strengths are a cluster of post-secondary institutions specializing in advanced manufacturing research and development, including:

Red River College’s Vehicle Technology and Energy Centre (VTEC) whose focus includes the use of renewable fuels, improving the fuel efficiency of fleets, and evaluating and demonstrating emerging technologies, with an emphasis on extreme weather conditions.


Winnipeg Smart Factory


Red River College Smart Factory  is an applied research space, experiential learning facility, and technology demonstration site that showcases emerging technology, including robotics, automation and imaging systems. The facility provides Manitoba companies with access to state-of-the-art equipment, instructors, researchers and students, in order to test and prepare their technologies before incorporating them into their own operations.

Cutting-edge training for students and industry research also takes place at Red River College’s, Centre of Aerospace Technology & Training facility, while the renowned CIC Engineering helps companies research and develop prototypes for new composite applications. Furthering Manitoba’s reputation as a leader in advanced manufacturing, is the Manitoba Institute for Materials, a R&D facility at the University of Manitoba, specializing in materials and composites characterization.


Winnipeg skyline


Winnipeg’s notoriously frigid winters are exactly the conditions manufacturers need to complete cold weather testing. GE and Standard Aero’s Test Research and Development Centre (TRDC), located at James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, has been using Winnipeg’s cold winters to test some of the world’s best jet engines since 2011. Meanwhile, at MTS Bell’s 64,000 sq. ft. data centre the company is using Winnipeg’s abundant and free cold air outside to chill processed heat.

Access to such industry and academic thought-leaders is one reason organizations such as the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters conference meets here annually, or the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction hosts their conferences in Manitoba.

“Canadian innovators are producing a diverse range of technologically complex, high-value products for domestic and competitive global markets, which is why influential thought leaders regularly meet here to debut trailblazing developments, share best practices and lay the groundwork for partnerships that shape the future of advanced manufacturing technologies,” says Virginie De Visscher, senior director of business development for Destination Canada’s Business Events team. 

Centrally located in the middle of the country, Winnipeg is easy to access from almost anywhere in North America. Once here, groups can tap into Manitoba’s advanced manufacturing sector through technical or lab tours at the various research institutes. They can also collaborate with some of Canada’s most innovative industry experts in keynote presentations, and networking events in an array of event venues ranging from the LEED Silver Certified RBC Convention Centre, to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and the polar bear exhibit at the Assiniboine Park Zoo.


For more information on Canada’s advanced manufacturing leadership, or assistance with planning an event in Winnipeg: