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Think Ottawa to Help Attract Conferences

New “ThinkOttawa” Program to Help Attract International Conferences Across a Spectrum of Industries

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Three of Ottawa’s pillar economic development organizations - Ottawa Tourism, Shaw Centre, and Invest Ottawa - are working together to bring more conferences and events to Canada’s capital by supporting local industry leaders in their international conference bids. The new program, called ThinkOttawa, will provide complimentary support to local industry, academic, government, and non-profit leaders looking to raise the international profile of their industry, association, or research by championing a bid to bring a global, national, or regional conference to Ottawa.

“We are thrilled to partner with Shaw Centre and Invest Ottawa to help support local businesses in bringing their meeting, event, or convention to Ottawa. Through ThinkOttawa, we not only assist and engage our local community champions, but also raise our city’s international profile and ultimately strengthen the visitor economy in Ottawa,” says Michael Crockatt, President and CEO, Ottawa Tourism.

Expertise and tools available to local leaders include bid development, marketing and promotional materials, venue and accommodation selection, partnership support, and financial aid for eligible events. More than 1,900 technology companies and 400 associations call Ottawa home. For these organizations and many others, hosting an international conference or event creates the opportunity to make a significant contribution to their industry, share their knowledge on the global stage, and broaden their networks for increased impact.

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In 2018, Ottawa hosted 16 international events, representing over 6,000 hotel room nights, which in turn create a positive economic impact for Ottawa. “We’ve witnessed first-hand the results of continued efforts by local ambassadors to drive tourism and generate economic activity in the nation’s capital by bidding on and winning more international conferences,” says Nina Kressler, President and CEO of Shaw Centre.

ThinkOttawa will collaborate with new local ambassadors to increase the number of international business events hosted in Ottawa. A centre of excellence in Information & Communications Technology, Autonomous Vehicle Research, Life Sciences, Aerospace and Cleantech, Ottawa is a world-class capital city complete with state-of-the-art conference facilities, historic, heritage and cutting-edge venues for networking, not to mention, one of Canada’s most dynamic culinary scenes.