Niagara Falls Inspire Meetings

Niagara Falls Energizes Meetings and Conventions

When millions of gallons of water rush over a 12,000-year-old geological formation, your conference destination tends to be world-famous. One of the most selfie’d places on Instagram, Niagara Falls’ celebrity status helps fuel conference attendance. After all, who wouldn’t want to attend an event in the shadow of one of Canada’s most famous natural wonders?

All that water, in all its cascading abundance, energizes. It fuels the industrial sectors that inspire business development, and drives the region’s economic growth. It produces the electricity needed to power everything from hotels to venues and activities delegates undertake before, after and in-between meetings. It promotes the region’s agriculture, which is the foundation of the hyper-local culinary scene found on menus throughout the region.

Niagara Falls, Ontario


Niagara Falls, Ontario

The water here is fresh, literally. Surrounded by Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, the world’s largest freshwater supply is in Niagara’s backyard. While Niagara’s thundering endless waterfall may be the most dramatic facet of meeting here, it’s the wealth of local expertise, the state-of-the-art conference facilities, and the diversity of experiences delegates can have here that keep groups like the Ontario Water Works Association returning to convene in Niagara.

“The Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA)and its partners have held our Annual Conference & Trade Show in Niagara Falls on three occasions since 2012. We love the destination not only for its excellent facilities, accommodations, and entertainment options, but also for its breathtaking setting,” enthused Michele Grenier, P.Eng., executive director of the OWWA.

Though dramatic and inviting, Grenier also notes Niagara Falls provides groups plenty of perspective. “The proximity of convention space to the Falls reminds us and our members of the importance of the work we do: protecting public health through the delivery of safe drinking water, and protecting our environment by being good stewards of our precious water resources.”

Recognizing the positive effect Niagara Falls has on people, planners often theme their events around the properties of water, using it symbolically to appeal to their audience and connect with their industry. This also plays well into their choice of team building activities and off-site experiences, where a deluge of water-based offerings can improve group dynamics and reaffirm professional relationships.

Need inspiration for your next conference? Connect to the energy of water. Look no further than Niagara Falls, where the team at Niagara Falls Business Events offers a whole host of attendance building tools (including bid assistance, and one mighty, natural wonder).