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Ottawa: Creating a better world with artificial intelligence

MindBridge Ai transforms how accounting and financial professionals analyze data 

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), Ottawa, Ontario is one of the country’s top players. Canada’s capital is home to tech giants like IBM, Blackberry QNX and Shopify, alongside a wealth of startups and homegrown success stories that are all embracing AI to push the limits of what’s possible. 


At the forefront of innovation 

MindBridge Ai is one of them. The Ottawa-based company uses machine learning and AI technologies to scour vast amounts of financial data to detect anomalies, errors and even fraud. This is playing an important role in minimizing financial risk, restoring confidence in data and helping auditors work more effectively.  

Since launching in 2015, MindBridge Ai has experienced massive growth. With more than 100 employees (and growing), the company has helped more than 20,000 auditors and finance professionals around the world, including those at Thomson Reuters, the National Bank of Canada and Bank of England. MindBridge Ai was also named to the World Economic Forum’s list of 100 Technology Pioneers and included in Forbes’ list of the world’s 50 most promising AI companies.  

A strong ecosystem 

The success of MindBridge raises the question: what is it that makes Ottawa, where their HQ is located, such a strong environment for AI companies? As Eli Fathi, president and CEO of MindBridge Ai, explains, Ottawa boasts many benefits that help drive success. 

Ottawa has four incredible post-secondary institutions, government departments and agencies, an impressive talent pool and 65 research labs. There’s also an amazing technology ecosystem in Canada’s capital city — not to mention an excellent quality of life. Combine all of this together and you get the perfect environment for a tech company to thrive.

These very reasons also make Ottawa an excellent host city for business events and conferences, too. When organizers choose to host national and international gatherings and events in Ottawa, they gain access to some of industry’s top thought leaders. In fact, Ottawa has Canada’s most educated workforce, with more PhDs per capita than any other city.  

In addition to its intellectual capital, Ottawa also boasts exceptional conference infrastructure. The city is home to the 200,000 square-foot state-of-the-art Shaw Centre, which is within walking distance of more than 6,000 hotel rooms. Between keynotes and workshops, delegates are welcomed into a compact downtown filled with national sites, landmarks, galleries, museums and restaurants. 


Meetings with purpose  

By augmenting speakers’ series with passionate industry innovators and enriching programming with localized tours, business event organizers can attract delegates, increase revenues and inspire future generations.   

“We call that 'meeting with purpose’,” says Stephanie Seguin of Ottawa Tourism, pointing out that as in-person events resume, the city is well poised to show off its expertise in artificial intelligence and the trailblazers who are shaping the future. 

Globally connected 

Canada’s capital is easily accessible with direct flights to its award-winning Ottawa International Airport from all major Canadian cities, major US hubs, as well as London and Frankfurt. The airport is a 15-minute drive to downtown — and will soon be connected to the city via light rail transit. 

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