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Colour Wars Team building, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Colour Wars Team Building, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Corporate goals will seem like kids play after this summer-camp inspired team building exercise. Target shooting and archery competitions become metaphors for focused concentration. Rock climbing over Bedwell Sound delivers thrilling views and a lesson in teamwork. Hiking ancient rainforest cathedrals and lush fern gardens with compass and carefully crafted clues becomes a study in team communication. The reward for the winning team? Bragging rights, of course, and a closer connection.


A customized team building competition designed to your specific corporate goals delivered against a raw, rugged and wild landscape


Hiking the same path early explorers took en route to discovering gold


A fully-catered wilderness celebration and awards ceremony waits at the end of the trail

Memories For The Making

Watching moving targets fall is exhilarating every time, just like hitting those team goals

Being belayed down a natural rock face becomes a lesson in trust and communication

Swapping tales and team trophies on a wilderness picnic, is the best recognition event you’ve ever experienced

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