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Photo: Bill Braden

Dancing Under the Northern Lights

Reflect on the Glow of the Northern Lights

Within reach, but beyond belief, the Aurora Borealis sets Canada’s northern night sky ablaze in a dance of light and colour. Viewing this natural phenomenon in person is just the experience of a lifetime your top performers will remember long after they return home. When it comes to popular bucket list items, seeing the Northern Lights is right up there with skydiving and bungee jumping. Everyone has seen images of bright, vibrant colors filling the dark night sky, but these images don’t even come close to experiencing the real thing. And if you want to motivate your team and experience the real thing, the Northwest Territories is the place to do it. 

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Village, a short drive beyond the lights of urban Yellowknife along the Ingraham Trail - a secluded Teepee camp nestled into the boreal forest, a perfect dark sky setting and one of the best places in the world to watch the skies come alive in colour and movement. Photo: A. Pisani

gourmet dinner

Indulge in a gourmet three course, wine paired dinner either in the private lodge dining room, or depending on group size, in your exclusive V.I.TeePee before the night skies begin to blaze.

Aurora Village

Exclusive private V.I.TeePee is the perfect private location to host top customers and there’s nothing more Canadian than gathering around a blazing bonfire in hushed conversation, a warm (or cool) drink in your hand, gazing in wonder at the night sky.

Memories For The Making

An Indigenous smudging ceremony on arrival provides just the warm welcome you’d expect.

Breaking up the Aurora gazing with a guided dog sledding excursion through the snow-covered, forested trails is just they eye-opener you need to stay up to see the light show

The first white, veiled, glimpse of the Aurora, softly gathering overhead, then waving to your group below - will linger in your collective consciousness, long after you leave

Capping off the night with a spectacular fireworks display - a light show of another sort.

Best time to experience:

Mid-August to March