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Refinery – A Gallery Celebration, Art Gallery of  Alberta

Art Gallery of Alberta

A Gallery Celebration, Art Gallery Of Alberta

Blend your corporate message with exhibitions of portraiture and photography at an exclusive event, within the cool vibe club atmosphere recreated in the Art Gallery of Alberta. The event is modeled in part on Andy Warhol’s famed Factory parties, where dance beats meet art, meet your brand message in this architecturally stunning venue.

Art Gallery of Alberta

Dramatic steel, glass and zinc structure reflects the dancing stars and natural landmarks of Edmonton’s northern geography Photo credit: Edmonton Tourism

Indoor Art Gallery Of Alberta

Unique indoor|outdoor gallery|event spaces float against Edmonton’s urban landscape Photo credit: Canadian Tourism Commission

inspired menus created exclusively by Zinc

Inspired menus created exclusively by Zinc, award-winning on-site restaurant|caterer Photo credit: Mat Simpson

Memories For The Making

Connect art, people, and ideas in a visually moving world-class art gallery

Business casual, black-tie gala, or lumberjack formal — this space inspires self-expression

Hashtag the whole event, create a buzz before, during and after

Best time to experience:

Year ‘round