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Why choose Canada?

We're a smart, culturally diverse, welcoming and a uniquely beautiful country. And we’re easy to get to from anywhere.

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Why Canada

Canada: an intellectual powerhouse

Canada is a global leader across several industries, and home to visionary experts and cutting-edge innovations that are shaping the future. When this intellectual capital is combined with our vibrant urban centres and unique natural landscapes, it provides a thriving ecosystem for business events that foster creativity, collaboration and, ultimately, leave a lasting impact. 

Everyone is welcome in Canada

Canada is home to more than 450 unique cultures (sourceicons.external-link-icon) and 25 per cent of Canadians have a mother tongue other than English or French (sourceicons.external-link-icon). Diverse opinions are valued, respected and encouraged in Canada, which is why so much ground-breaking work happens here.

State-of-the-art convention facilities

Designed with the openness and collaborative spirit that defines us, Canada’s conference venues themselves can add value to any program. Choose from over 325,000 sq. m. of formal event space or go off the grid and create your own meeting space in a forest, on a beach or at the top of a mountain.

More numbers

Attendance soars for conferences held in Canada. We’re safe, welcoming and easy to get to. And we’re a global leader in many sectors.

Any number

Across Canada’s distinct and diverse destinations, you’ll find the right spots to illuminate and inspire a group of seven executives, 70 incentive reward winners or 700 employees.


Where effort is superbly rewarded

A deeply immersive Canadian experience is an incentive worth earning. Polar bear watchingCounting icebergsWilderness safarisRocky Mountain retreatsCosmopolitan luxury getaways. Your options are endless and the memories will last a lifetime.

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Where sustainability is a priority

Tap into our sustainability journey and make your event more responsible. As creators of a first-of-its-kind sustainability plan for business events, we provide national support in this area to any industry.

Let Us Help You Bring Your Event to Canada

Destination Canada’s Business Events team helps companies and associations create events in Canada that impress, reward, educate and impact.

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