Ancient Waters, Iceberg Quest

10,000-year- old water and light, frozen in time, cradled in your hands. Sail from St. John’s Narrows to Iceberg Alley, where towering slabs of frozen water drift along the horizon, a moving mountain range on the ocean. Navigate amongst ice sheets and “bergy bits” capturing the best angle to photograph these seaway skyscrapers. Playful pods of dolphins and humpback whales burble up from the deep, enticing you with their blows, clicks  and whistles. Local fables come to life when shared by your seafaring captains. Settle in, this is one ocean-bound adventure your group won’t ever forget.

the wow factor

Memories for the Making

There’s nothing like seeing your first iceberg. Dangerous sparkle. Turquoise, white and emerald green ice spires and humps. Feeling its frosty breath chills your face, but warms your soul with wonder

Listening to the crack and sizzle of iceberg cubes (bergy bits) plunging into an iceberg vodka cocktail

Hearing the deep, whoosh, of a humpback whale, the largest mammals on earth, exhaling as it surfaces, then getting caught in its steamy breath

The uproarious tales told by your captain, a natural- born storyteller, stay with you always

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Best time to experience:

April to June

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