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You can kayak, paddle board, aqua glide, or stay aboard a zodiac for the best beluga watching in the world, where over 57,000 belugas swim. Nicknamed “sea canaries” these cheerful whales chat-up a storm. Baby belugas swim alongside 18-foot long moms and dads.The pod is happy chirping, clicking, whistling and swimming with you.  A high tide barbecue lunch of fresh trout fuels exhilarated spirits. A polar bear sighting is the cherry on top of this once-in-a lifetime marine adventure.

The Wow Factor

Memories for the Making

Pushing beyond your comfort zone to watch belugas swim from the deck of your aquaglider

Listening to belugas on the hydrophone drowns out all the corporate noise

The belugas had big grins on their faces and so will you

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