A place out of time, but uniquely of this space. The last remaining Newfoundland out-port. At the edge of North America and the savage North Atlantic, a stylish stage rises from a craggy shore 420 million years in the making. Fogo Island Inn is a change-maker. Proof of the possible. Perched in isolation. Resilient in character. The blank canvas you need for strategic sessions. Collaboration is a way of life here, the ultimate team-builder. Those with clarity and vision recognize Fogo for what it is: a powerful shapeshifter, and a once-in-a-lifetime reward.

Ideal Group Size:  10 to 60

Fogo Island itself may be quite humble, the Inn is anything but. Here, attendees are lulled to sleep by the song of the Atlantic in 29 ultra-luxe rooms. A powerful landscape meets an even more powerful ocean outside each window, where views leave you gob-smacked. Each unique room is an individual expression of traditional Newfoundland outport design and décor featuring Fogo-crafted furnishings.

Making those who come from away feel right at home is as natural to a Fogo Islander as breathing. Shortly after arrival each group is connected to their Community Hosts – Fogo Islanders all — who share their love of this tiny island at the edge of the world with all who visit. Everyone’s welcome here.

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This place is perfect for teambuilding and meetings that:

  • Want to change up their game
  • Are inspired by artistic innovation
  • Believe the strength of community determines team success
  • Require space to dream, and for deep contemplation
  • Appreciate unstructured time to sip champagne, stargaze, and quietly watch the ocean
  • Pare away exterior layers to get down to essentials
  • Seek clarity and powerful breakthroughs, even on a foggy day

You can count on:

  • Open hearts. Open minds. Fogo Island is open for business.
  • Community connections, fostered by your community hosts
  • Artistically appointed accommodations, each an individual expression of Fogo Island
  • The seasons changing by the day, but that’s what makes it magical
  • A sacred sense-of-place and pride of community
  • Heart-stopping sunsets, icebergs and whales and an abundance of colourful characters
  • Feeling utterly transformed by this place before you ever leave


The whole island is at your disposal, so chances are you’ll meet up with your team by the shore as an iceberg floats by, on a wildflower-strewn path while out for a hike, on the craggy rocks overlooking the Atlantic, or at the local ice creamery when you dip in for a cone.  

If you’re inclined for more formal gatherings the Gathering Hall at Fogo Island Inn provides all the creature comforts plus a few extras, like a baby grand piano and a warm fireplace. Next door, the Library can be configured in a number of ways to accommodate breakout meetings.

Moving your people

The most worthwhile places aren’t easy to get to. It holds true with Fogo Island. Here are the facts:

Closest international airport: Gander, Newfoundland (YQX) via Halifax, Nova Scotia (YHZ) or St. John’s, Newfoundland (YYT). From Gander, it’s a 45-minute ferry to Fogo Island.

Charter Transportation: Charter aircraft to Fogo Island from Deer Lake or St. John's, NL, or fly charter the whole way. Fogo Island's 3,000 foot airstrip accommodates a 12-passenger Beech 1900D, or 37-passenger Dash 100. Private heli-pad nearby the Inn. Consult with Fogo Island Inn, or Air Charter Services for the full range of private transportation options.

Once you’re here: Bicycle, snowmobile, punt or rowboat, snowshoe


Planning Essentials

Stretch your budget in Canada

It’s a fact. Event dollars go further in Canada. With the Canadian dollar hovering between 25 and 30% below the U.S. dollar, planners are encouraged to enhance their meeting experience here. Dollars saved on the program requirements can translate into more bells and whistles or your bottom line, you pick.

Groups coming from outside of Canada may be eligible for tax incentives — inquire at time of booking.



1.6°C to 11°C

35°F to 52°F


9.2°C to 19.2°C

49°F to 67°F


-2.8° to 4.8°C

27°F to 41°F


-10.8°C to -2°C

13° F to 28.4°F

Best time to Visit:

Fogo Island boldly claims seven distinct seasons, each offering visitors a unique expression of what it means to meet in this place.

Pack Ice Season (March 1 – 31): When the powerful Labrador current pushes pack ice to Fogo Island’s shores is an ideal time for brainstorming and quiet contemplation. Seal and seabird watching, and snowmobiling the island’s interior fill the hours between working sessions.

Spring (April 1 – May 31): Icebergs bob and whales breach off Fogo Island in this in-between season of retreat and renewal — perfect for blowing out corporate cobwebs while ambling freshly opened paths.

Trap Berth  (June 1 – 30): A season unique only to Fogo Island, forever linked to the island’s fishing heritage. Long warm days inspire creative thinking to corporate challenges. Wander wildflower trails, watch for passing icebergs and breaching whales, and gather with your team at the shore for a fresh boil-up.

Summer (July 1 – August 31): Warm weather and a calm ocean invite guests to explore outdoors. Cycle, beachcomb, explore museums, gardens and root cellars. Take in a local music festival, or visit Little Fogo Islands. Watch for Puffins and other seabirds. Out-of-the-box meetings are as invigorated as the island.

Berry Picking (September 1 – October 31): Brilliant sunsets and glorious sunrises, still warm weather, when the island is blanketed with edible berries, making a meeting break walk nothing short of a moveable feast. Festivals, fishing and rowing continue through early fall as well as caribou and bird watching and visits to Little Fogo Islands.

Late Fall (November 1 – 30): The North Atlantic churns this time of year, providing some of the best storm watching on the planet. This is when you want to sequester on Fogo Island to strategize new team directions — where there’s time and space to think.

Winter (December 1 – February 28): A magical time of year on Fogo Island where staying warm in body and spirit is as easy as getting outdoors. Snowmobile to a cozy winter cabin. Snowshoe through a still meadow overlooking the sea. Challenge your team to a game of hockey on a frozen pond. Winter revitalizes body, soul and fresh ideas. 

The Inn was absolutely incredible. The staff were wonderful and the weather was great. Burt’s Bees’ brand was really brought to life in the natural beauty of Fogo Island.

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