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A global manufacturing industry leader, Canada is leveraging its homegrown ingenuity, strong commitment to research and development, and a highly educated and skilled workforce to drive the advanced manufacturing sector beyond the modern age and into the future.

Canada’s Industry 4.0 technologies and next-generation manufacturing capabilities are revolutionizing how finished products and components are designed, manufactured, distributed and repaired across a spectrum of industries and climate conditions. Developments in robotics, automation and technologies such as additive manufacturing (3D printing), have far-reaching application in Canadian industry sectors—including aerospace and defence, automotive, agriculture and pharmaceuticals. Canadian innovators are producing a diverse range of technologically complex, high-value products for domestic and competitive global markets, which is why influential thought leaders regularly meet in Canada to debut trailblazing developments, share best practices and lay the groundwork for partnerships that shape the future of advanced manufacturing technologies.


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Canada's Key Advanced Manufacturing Centres

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Economic Impact: Canada's Advanced Manufacturing


$185 Billion GDP


$360 Billion Annual Exports


1.7 Million Jobs

Advanced Manufacturing Centres of Excellence

Canadian Success Stories

AttaboticsUsing Industry 4.0 processes, ATTAbotics has developed an automated storage and retrieval warehouse system using an innovative 3D storage structure design that significantly improves throughput and storage density compared to traditional and other automated systems.


Integral EngineeringUsing the latest technology and most advanced mathematical and engineering models, Integral Engineering's simulation model helps maintain safe oil and gas transmission pipeline systems by calculating the probability of failure due to corrosion, cracks and dents.


CropProCropPro Consulting's SWAT BOX is an autonomous soil electrical conductivity (EC) mapping technology used by farmers, equipment dealers and agronomists to collect EC data in the field. The technology is a lower cost solution designed to work with the company's proprietary SWAT MAPS process for building zone maps.


NFI GroupWinnipeg is home to NFI Group Inc. (New Flyer Industries), North America's largest manufacturer of transit and medium-duty buses and motor coaches, including zero-emission buses. NFI Group actively supports approximately 50% of the installed bus fleet base in Canada and the US.


broseLondon is home to Brose Canada, the Germany-based auto parts giant's only Canadian facility. Among London's largest advanced manufacturing players, Brose has stamped more than 180 million seat frames and 22.5 million seat adjusters at its two London plants since 2005.


U of WaterlooCanada’s first Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (SALD) system was successfully designed, built and operated in the spring of 2018 thanks to the contribution of seven University of Waterloo students. This nanoscience technique, used in the micro-electronics industry, enables a quicker and more economical surface coating of atomic layers compared to traditional systems.


IntegranA leader in metallurgical nano-technologies, Integran Technologies can make virtually any material stronger using an advanced metallurgical nano-technology application process. Industrial uses range widely from aerospace and defence to automotive and sporting goods.


WorximityWorximity's TileConnect smart sensor technology monitors real-time production in the manufacturing industry. The tool collects data from any type of equipment or machine and makes it available via the TileBoard mobile app. Users in industries such as metal production, recycling and pharmaceuticals, can quickly and easily track production speed, direct labour costs and other key performance indicators.


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