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Meet the Canadians whose innovation and sector leadership are attracting international business events to Canada.

Canadian Visionaries Network

The Canadian Visionaries Network (CVN) was developed by Destination Canada to showcase Canada's strengths as a leading destination for business events, and to connect people from around the world with the inspiring ideas and experiences of Canadian industry, academic and association leaders.

Through their innovative work, each member of the network is opening hearts and minds to new ideas, experiences and perspectives, and helping their industries take crucial steps towards growth and change.

Meet The Visionaries



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Work with a Canadian Destination to Bring a Conference to Canada

The Canadian Visionaries Network is focused on promoting and marketing our country’s intellectual capital through interviews and speaking opportunities. Canadian thought leaders interested in participating in a bid to bring an international conference in their field to Canada can do so in partnership with a Canadian destination of their choice. 

Find out more about some of the local ambassador programs across Canada, and how they work with local leaders to bring events to their city.

Here's How We Can Help

Robert McCreight
Robert McCreight
Director of Business Events, Government and Industry Relations

The team at Destination Canada Business Events helps meeting planners bring corporate, association and incentive events to Canada. Contact our team for:

  • Specific information regarding Canada's sector expertise
  • Recommendations on destinations based on their sector strengths
  • Introductions to industry leaders, academia, and economic development agencies
  • Recommendations of expert speakers to augment events
  • Assistance in sourcing RFPs for conference placement