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Connecting Cultures, Sonora Resort

Connecting Cultures

Transform your corporate meetings into a dynamic cultural exchange of ideas through facilitated sessions in Sonora Resort’s traditional Coast Salish First Nation cedar longhouse. A ceremonial welcome, thought-provoking keynote speaker and facilitator, visualizing a new future becomes a cross-cultural experience.


Ceremonial welcome by local First Nation Peoples sets the tone for open dialogue.

First Nations

Spark discussion amongst the group with assistance of an acclaimed First Nation cultural facilitator.


Evaluate the past. Visualize the future. Plan for success.

Memories For The Making

Traditional Coast Salish cedar longhouse – once a spot for ceremonial feasting, this is where today’s leaders plan for the future.

 Cultural storytelling connects people with ideas, fueling dialogue and great ideas.

 Cermonial kick-off by host First Nation captivates everyone’s attention.

Best time to experience:

May to October