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Welcome table
Photo: Pacific Destination Services

Welcome Reception - Lake Louise

Oh! Canada Welcome Reception

Canada’s raw, rugged beauty and natural wonders inspire exploration – it was in this spirit Lake Louise was first discovered by acclaimed mountaineer, Tom Wilson. Tonight, from the shores of Lake Louise to the untamed Arctic, from cod-kissing Atlantic Canada to the coastal rainforests of British Columbia and all the wild spots in between — guests will experience iconic Canada without ever stepping foot outside of the hotel.


A Mountie meet & greet by character actors breaks the ice every time. Photo; Pacific Destination Services


OH Canada single feature table running the length of the room captures everyone’s attention. Photo: Pacific Destination Services


Tasting bars of Canadian craft beers, vintage wine and “make your own Caesars” are a Canadian tradition. Photo: Pacific Destination Services

Memories For The Making

Tasting an entire country’s cuisine in one elaborate meal.

Mountie trivia – who knew you knew so much about the Great White North?

The warmth of the Canadian people comes across in every interaction

Experts to help you plan:

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Capacity: 350

Best time to experience:

Year 'round