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Legacy and Impact

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Legacy and Impact

Business Events Legacy & Impact Study

The impact of business events extends well beyond economic impact — from sparking transformative collaborations to attracting top-notch talent. Our groundbreaking Legacy & Impact Study is tracking these beyond-tourism benefits, so we can ensure meetings held in Canada leave a lasting positive impact for all.  

Leave a lasting positive handprint on destinations 

In recent years, the global business events community has reimagined how to measure an event’s success, while destinations are increasingly incorporating legacy measures into the events they host. 

Destination Canada is committed to ensuring meetings hosted in Canada—and around the world—leave a positive handprint, rather than a negative footprint. We want to lessen the environmental footprint of events, while boosting their socio-cultural and economic benefits. That’s why, in conjunction with our groundbreaking Canadian Business Events Sustainability Planicons.external-link-icon, we have commissioned this world-first Legacy & Impact Study. 


From environmental impact to sociocultural benefits 

The study will evaluate the economic, social and environmental impacts of up to 16 conferences held in Canada between 2018 and 2024, across the six key economic sectors in which Canada excels: life sciences, natural resources, finance and insurance, advanced manufacturing, agribusiness and digital industries. 

Outcomes will be mapped in line with a recognized framework to produce a case study for each event. This will allow us to track the natural, built, financial, political, human, social, intellectual and cultural impacts generated by these events. 

Annual results will be shared through reports and presentations as findings are uncovered, with the first results coming out in Q2 2024. A full report with collated evidence and case studies is expected by 2026.


Building legacy and impact directly into business events   

Through this research, our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of an event's real impact. Specifically, we want to uncover insights and guidance on the type, scale and scope of events that are most likely to have medium- to long-term benefits, such as novel ideas, research collaborations, new trade deals, investments, policy changes, economic development, social progress and more. These findings will serve as an invaluable tool in showcasing the value of business events.  

A study of this scale is a world’s first, as Destination Canada’s chosen approach to developing an evidence-based strategy stands apart from other more empirical initiatives that have been launched in recent years by destinations. We aim to use this information to help inform a longer-term strategy for developing models that leverage business events to actively provide lasting legacies within sectors and communities — supporting their growth, competitive advantage and resilience.  

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