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Canadian Kitchen Party

A Canadian folk tradition deeply rooted in Atlantic Canada, the Canadian Kitchen Party is a warm hug of welcome, a song shared amongst newfound friends, a communal meal fresh from the ocean, colourfully illustrated with local characters, storytellers and more.

Maritime outport culture from yesteryear lives on in today’s modern kitchen parties. Where once guests gathered in neighbour’s homes to share a meal, some laughs, music and stories, today’s kitchen parties welcome those who come from away with the best of Atlantic Canadian culture and cuisine: fresh from the ocean lobster boil, indie entertainers leading your group on in song and dance, poets and storytellers sharing tales from outport life. Bonus points to guests who get “screeched in” and kiss the cod to become honourary Newfoundlanders.

Modern day kitchen parties have moved beyond the kitchen and now take place on the beach, at local farmer’s markets, conference centres and more. But one element remains true throughout the years – once they’ve taken part in a Canadian kitchen party, a group of strangers will become fast friends.

Best Destinations To Host A Canadian Kitchen Party